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Care & Maintenance

Learn how to care for and maintain your new BiForm composite decking by reading through the tips.

Care & Maintenance

Learn how to care for and maintain your new BiForm composite decking by reading through the tips or download and print off a copy of our care and maintenance guide.

General Cleaning

Keep it clean and your BiForm composite decking with reward you with years of low maintenance pleasure.

General cleaning with a broom or mop will suffice for most situations, however if you want to give a better clean a dilute solution of sugar soap and warm water and scrubbing brush can be used.

If damp leaves are allowed to build up or the deck is in a shaded damp site mould or mildew may develop. This can be treated with diluted “wet & forget” following the manufacturers instructions. To get a faster result Intergrain Reviver or similar oxalic acid based cleaner is another option.


Initially the deck will appear to be leaching and waterstaining. This is a weathering process which takes around three months to settle down. To accelerate this process scrub the deck down with Intergrain Reviva. After the first summer the colour will have lightened up 10% and then will remain stable.

Being a recycled product colour variation of up to 10% from board to board can be expected.


Test any treatment, cleaning products or sanding on a spare or obscured piece of decking to check for changes first.

Stain Removal

BiForm, like wood, are susceptible to stains from BBQ grease, oil, and the tannin in some vegetation.

Best results are achieved if the stain is treated immediately with absorbent cloths then apply a degreaser as per the manufacturers instructions. Follow up with a general clean with sugar soap and warm water.

Scratch Removal

Scratches can be removed with a light sand using 80 – 100 grit sandpaper, following the grain of the wood. The colour and texture changes which occur after this will recede with weathering.


We suggest a mat under your BBQ to protect from grease stains, and felt protectors under metal furniture or planters to prevent gouging and potential rust stains.

Avoid dragging heavy items over the deck as it will scratch. Scratches can be dealt with by giving a light sand, following the grain of the wood as described above.

After cleaning

After any cleaning hose off and use an old towel wrapped around your deckscrub or a rubber scraper to remove the excess water.

On a warm day the deck should dry with no water marks in a few moments.